Friday, March 13, 2009

changes are among us!

So to start I have changed the name from tales north to mother knows best. For those of you following my what seems to be once a year posts, we are no longer in the north and have moved on to the tropics of BC. Dani started kindergarten this year and has been loving every minute of it! Zach is patiently waiting his turn to go to school - he has another year to wait before he can go. Ryley is doing what 2 year olds can only do to their mothers DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! He has discovered the word NO. Last bu not least Brody is growing in leaps and bounds. He was born right on his due date of July 6, 2008. He weighed the same as ry, 8lbs, 11oz. Labour was quick. Went to bed the night of the 5 and told Chris "we're going to have this baby tomorrow" I was having some mild contractions. The morning of the 6 Chris got up for work and asked how I was feeling, and I told him the same thing as the night before. So off he went to work. I got up and made soem breakfast for the other kids and visited with my mom and Chris's mom for a little bit. Then I went outside with my dad to start the base of the deck we were building on the front of the house. The contractions were getting progressively stronger. In the early afternoon dad needed some lag bolts for the deck, so off I went into town (25 km) to the hardware store for bolts. Right in the middle of the bolt section I started getting contractions that I needed to breathe through! As a true shopaholic I went to get milk at the grocery store before I headed home! When I got home I helped dad a little bit longer then I set down my drill and looked at my mom, dad and mother in law and said "Going to go have a shower, gotta go to the hospital." and walked away! So I come in the house and call Chris and tell him he has to come home from work and that its time to go. He of course asks how long the contractions are and how far apart, well he damn near shit his pants when I told him they were about 3 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minute!!!! So he got home at 3:30ish and had me to the hospital by 4:00pm. Our doctor wanted us to phone as soon as we were on our way to the hospital cause she figured that with this being our fourth child that it was going to come very quickly. So i got to the hossy and she got there right after us. She came into my room and said "You would never guess there is anybody in labour in here, I can hear you laughing down the hall!!!" So I got a mini spinal because they didn't think I was going to be in labour for very long - it wore off right at transition! I felt all of that! So when it was time to push it took me all of 4 minutes to push that large peanut out! Brody Myles was born at 6:07pm. He is such a sweet little baby! His brothers and sister absolutely love him and dote on him all day long - spoiled! Our little troop is now complete, there are no more babies for this family. I love having babies, and I loved being pregnant but I am ready to move on to the next phase of motherhood.

In September I started working at Tim Hortons, I really like working there. Its not hard and I like the people I work with. I have applied for a new job, not because I don't like where I'm at but because I need something that pays a little more and is pretty much a guarantee that there will always be a future in it. So I went for an interview on Wednesday and got recommended to go on to the next phase of the hiring process. Hope it doesn't take to long to get hired!

While driving home from Kelowna the other day Dani asked me who my boyfriend was when I was little. I told her daddy was, then she asked me who grandma's boyfriend was and I told her grandpa. Then I asked her who her boyfriend was and she said "Emmie, he's in love with me but we don't kiss!" SHE'S FIVE!!!!! OMG how young does this start!

Friends of ours had a baby girl today! I wish I could be there to hold her and to give them all big hugs!

I ran a half marathon in Seattle in November. What an awesome experience! I finished in 2 hours 43 minutes and 19 seconds! Not bad for a spur of the moment decision! Anyway the cozyness of my bed is calling to me! G'night.

Monday, June 02, 2008

We Are Finally Getting Settled!

Well we finally finished our move. We are starting to settle nicely into our new home - which is absolutely amazing might I add! This past weekend saw Chris hard at work with a bobcat leveling out our front and back yards. Who knew that 2 acres of crabgrass would be such a pain in the ass to level. Every time he would turn around there would be another giant rock in the middle of the yard. So it will take us a little time to get it together and get a nice lawn going. No, we didn't level the entire yard - just the part that we think we will use the most. The rest we are going to leave until the fancy strikes us again to go out and rent another bobcat! The kids are all doing well and seem to have adjusted nicely to our new location! Dani is going to be going to kindergarden this coming fall so in a week she has been invited to her school to see her new classroom and to meet some of the kids that she will be going to school with.  Zach is pretty disappointed that he isn't going to school with her. Ryley still walks around saying his name all day long - guess he is just making sure we don't forget who he is! As for Chris he is loving his new position here. Says it doesn't get any better than this! Me, I am hanging in there. I have 4 and a half weeks before I am due. The baby is getting very big... as am I! I love being pregnant but am ready to have the baby - I just want to hold it! I found a doctor here in town who is absolutely wonderful! She thinks the baby is going to be a good size just like the other three were! Next week friends of ours from the Yukon will be coming down to have a visit with us - I am super excited to see them! This will be our first friends to come and visit us since we moved! Anyway I am off to bed - and I have dial up that I have to pay for by the hour so I am going to cut this short! HOW ARCAIC I know!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

100 things about me you may or may not want to know!

I saw this done on another blog - average mom - and decided to give it a try. Now as I sit here and try to think of 100 things about myself I am kicking myself for opening my big mouth! Most people who read this will probably already know these things anyway but... oh well, here goes!!!

1. I talk on the phone... constantly
2. My dad calls me "ma bell"
3. My childhood nickname is duck
4. I am a daughter, a neice, a grandaughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, an aunt, a mother, and a wife.
5. I would like to think that I am a patient person
6. I am strongwilled and bull headed
7. I take after my father and my mother
8. I say things to my children my mother used to say to me
9. I play the bagpipes
10. I have three sisters
11. I have three brother-in-laws
12. I have one sister-in-law
13. I have two nephews
14. I have two neices
15. I have a daughter and two sons
16. My family is my everything
17. I hate cluttered counters
18. I don't drink milk if it is 3 days before the due date
19. I start projects with good intentions of finishing them but hardly ever do
20. We actually finished a project!

21. I hate birds - they have beady little eyes and sharp pointy beaks - they will try to peck out your eyeballs if you are not careful
22. I watch way too much tv
23. My favorite show this season was desperate housewives
24. I spent 5 years as an army cadet
25. I made it to the rank of cheif warrant officer
26. I spent 4 summers at an army cadet camp
27. Having children has made me appreciate the more simple things in life
28. I love to hear my children laugh
29. I drive a silver pathfinder
. I live in northern canada
31. I have been a volunteer fire fighter for 9 years
32. I love hanging out with friends and family
33. Stupidity irritates me but I tolerate it
34. I hate hearing people whine how hard something is when they are the ones that chose to do it in the first place
35. My best friend is my husband
36. I hate it when people chew with their mouth open
37. I like grocery shopping
38. I hate when people try to mow you over with their grocery cart - if you don't like the way I drive my cart use a different aisle!
39. I like road trips
40. My kid pukes in the car
41. I don't like road trips that smell like barf
42. I am an expert at driving at 100km an hour holding a barf bucket under a childs chin
43. I don't like eating leftovers
44. My husband is an incredible cook
45. I hate fighting with my food
46. I just spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with my sister
47. I eat betty crocker icing out of the container by the spoonful
48. My parents are still married
49. I was born in Calgary
50. I weighed 7lbs 14oz
51. All of our children weighed more than me at their birth
52. I don't smoke
53. My favorite drink (right now anyway) is amaretto on the rocks
54. I listen to lots of music
55. I frequently have "accidents" with hair dye
56. I think that seeing a good looking, half naked firefighter in his turnout pants all sweaty and covered in soot is very sexy!
57. My husband knows I feel that way!
58. I'm a sucker for a uniform
59. I own a house and have yet to live in it!
60. We are moving in a week to the house
61. I am pregnant with our fourth child
62. I am due in July
63. I am a night owl
64. I prefer to do housework at night when the kids are asleep
65. I worry about being a "good" mom
66. My husband is a great dad
67. I hate folding laundry
68. I can't sing
69. If I want something bad enough I will get it
70. I am turning 28 in May
71. I am six days older than my husband
72. I love being pregnant
73. I love having friends around
74. In a week I will live closer to my family
75. I have an amazing relationship with my parents
76. My daughter has a phone habit like I do
77. My sons also enjoy talking on the phone
78. I hate being asked if "this is it" for the amount of kids we are having
79. I would love to have a whole herd of kids
80. My husband works long hours
81. I can drive a school bus, an ambulance, a dump truck and a fire truck
82. I go on cleaning rampages!
83. I often wonder what our children will be like in ten years
84. I wonder if I will ever wear a 2 piece swimsuit again!
85. I probably would if we went on holidays
86. I want to go to vegas for my 30th birthday
87. I have never been so drunk I couldn't grab my ass with both hands
88. Come to think of it I have never been drunk - just maybe louder!
89. I have seen dead bodies
90. I am a certified first aid instructor
91. I love being a casualty for competitions
92. Yellow is one of my favorite colors
93. Yellow looks ridiculous on me
94. I love to wear red - color of confidence!
95. I am confident
96. Crowds don't bother me
97. I love comedy clubs
98. Pepsi gives me heartburn
99. Rootbeer gives me the scoots
100. I am me.